Wednesday, May 20, 2009

How the matter in the end

Militant fight, the General Assembly39s wish to sell 200 tickets for a gold coin, a good point of scalped ticketseven 2000 gold! Monthly income is only for those 12 gold coins in terms of ordinary people, I am afraid there is no lifetime opportunity to see this game, everyone here may have less than you imagined identity.

Innot yet time to leave mine at home, by the Lui family informed of the various intelligence gathering, he would have seen the mainland kavir clues from chaotic to.

Although this year he has to stay relatively isolated newsCollege continent do not know what occurred, but he continues to believe that the apparent peace, fear is not to maintain for years!

In the political arena, and all doors between the factions seem to have raging beneath, much-needed new blood to replace theis also about to set off. I believe the military to national parties and leaders from the political arena who are aware of If kavir really chaotic with the mainland, what is more than talent is more important?

The average life expectancy in humans has reached two hundred today,-year-old boy who is in the shape of the stage the most, like a piece of uncut block in general, no one would like to pick a good block to polish, so Now the entire kavir the mainland, or political or military,their goals are directed at the General Assembly.

Who does not know that these seemingly ordinary or extraordinary people, a country which is Prince, who is the head of a faction! Just these kavir Empire in the contest ranked at the Royal Park the General Assembly, in order to avoid arousing suspicion, there were no kavir empire or the emperor are open to attend the Prince, there is the complexity of the relationship can be seen on.

Only those who also wanted new ed hardy scarves it to be rivals of the College students, which also are not aware of the delicate!

listening ears at this unique noise, surprisingly, become more clarity of mind.

Since the hole out on less than a month after such a short span of time,feel there has been very little real power development, but rather found that two other incredible progress.

one is their own, he sometimes feels like he almost became a ghost, and even that monster thattheirnow as the same monster.

Another is its sensitivity appears to be a growing feeling, and sometimes, he even felt able to clear each person who voted in his placement of the line of sight, or even sight of the emotion contained in, just like now!

His action as long as the mind, you can easily lockwithin a radius of the target, even if they say, in such a noisy environment, itself clearly heard.

The world to do such things to master in their own sense of excitement not only let him, perhaps he washeart, just as it is unrealistic to dream, so that he can not understand.


A close call for students to pull away from thedreamlike state that will never the students that a supercilious look,hearts.

Thenow a feature of this situation is unstable! It deliberately difficult.


hearts, or go back later to ask Grandpa how this is going on in the end it!

Yuan Lei39s grandfatherdays kavir continent is a small number of one of several master-level players, but I am afraid that the present situationseveral Master Qi to, and can only be puzzled by it!

the present situation can be said to be unprecedented, after the … … is estimated there will not be to the! He is now the state is a day just to enter the state-specific bands.

Throughout the day kavir order to achieve the mainland, and most will not be more than 20 people! Who entered the day in the band and the band has a very different feel significant.

It39s like a level of tens of thousands of meters high, the next steps and the steps are two completely different worlds, it is a qualitative change! The vast majority of hovering in the upper band of experts, not days of life into order.

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Why do not you turn on the lights ah

Juveniles were the voices of each other with a very low whisper, when the woman suddenly stopped outside the sewing, it appears to the side. She has a pair of bright black and white eyes, and looks very beautiful. Juveniles have their own cover your mouth, are afraid of the atmosphere. What woman did not find it, do not abuse started on the embroidery. cheap d and g scarf She very patiently embroidered stop inside the four teenagers are afraid to move, but did not dare to speak, and even breathing are cautious, for fear she found them, when their four thieves. It tastes really painful, Zhang Ning secretly look at the watch and found that more than 10 o39clock already.

Woman finally stood up, check on the table a glass, poured some water to drink, and at the same time went over to open the window.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, slipped into the kitchen boys.

Zhang Ning in the final, he looked out over the past then you want to look at a woman has not found, but to see that women are put down the cup, a drop of dark red liquid was dripping from her mouth.

Then the next person in front of Zhang Ning39spulled, he hurried to the kitchen also, at the same time feel a lingering sense of birth do not know why, he felt that the woman is drinking blood.

In addition to a kitchen, nothing outside the refrigerator, empty the house is opposite the window is the street outside. This seems not the masters of safety awareness, as simple as the old wooden windows facing the street, even a safety net is not installed, the thief should be able to come in anything … … that is to say, now they are four long as it does not The woman alerted the outside, it is easy to go out.

Who prescribed a high first past, with very light moves very slowly pulled out of the amortization, the window open a little bit of the other three waited at the kitchen door, and strained to pay attention to the movement outside.

Held. Prescribed high membership to be a gesture.

Originally, as long as a few steps, they can be safely left, when suddenly Zhang Yan Wei line of the eyes, behind Zetsche said, pointing to a word Blood!

Juveniles are referred to him in conjunction with the place, only from the refrigerator freezer door where there is a deep red liquid seeping to keep.

Blood. Yan Wei also said the trip again for sure.

Climbed up a cold a few young minds, this refrigerator really put what was out there will be blood? Zhang Ning, some panic and said Do not we fast. He just reminds me of the things that women drink, the hearts of a.

Yan Wei bit his lip line, walked overrefrigerator. When he shook hands when the refrigerator handle, Zhang Ning, a pull, he is almost begging to say Do not, let39s go!

Yan Wei line shaking his head, started to look into the refrigerator.

Ah … …

Up screaming sound.

There is no pair of angry eyes in the refrigerator coldly watching these four teenagers. Zhang Ning and Zetsche refrigerator to see after things, has looked down upon turning faint, high membership bolder after the prescribed location, the name of war Yan Wei trip pulling arm, the teeth touch to ringing that the giggle It is the individual? case … …

The refrigerator was a dismembered the people , the head is facing the outside, the eyes have not yet closed, dull eyes looked at the teenagers, one hand stretched out the other side, the long flexorhas become more difficult , next to the stuffed with things like internal organs.

Yan Wei spittle pharyngeal opening line, with dry to the voice said not a human being is a monster.

High membershipMingqiang than cry cry like a smile, said The monster … … the world where the kind of things?

We come in the very place where … … Yan Wei faint line on the ground look at the past Zhang Ning and Zetsche, this time they can not care, he said pushing a high membership, you fast, I try to save them .

What did you say?

Walked, one is an escape. Wei Yan block all of a sudden trip out in front of the high membership. That woman has walked into the kitchen and was standing at the door watching them. It appears that only 20 of her early age, no color on the face, with a personal should not be pale. Watch and opened the refrigerator, her brow wrinkled a bit.

Run away! Wei Yan Ming line of high membership. His mind was also scared to death, but friends can not be left regardless. He tried to think of his father taughthis mantra, his neck an amulet on the front of the woman pulled down, a little hope that we can use.

Ming who also understand the high seriousness of the matter, but refused to lastest lv scarf their escape to the window pulled Zhang Ning picked up, while the threat to the woman You do not come, ah, do not come, ah, three generations of my family are friends grasping demon, and he is very powerful, however, if you come at the expense of you, do not come, ah, I warned you! Zhang Ning on his window, and dragged back to Zetsche.

Yan Wei trip to listen to him brag heart smile, what magic will own where. Is this really into a haunted house, four-wide die here?

Why do not you go out directly to open the refrigerator do? The woman sighed, taking a few steps forward, Wei Yan came to the line before, stretched out her hand.

South plume, South feathers? You are not at home ah? My God! look around while walking, all of a sudden hit a, the pain is called up.

Lights, and came to take over the south plumethe hands of the big pocket, care to ask Where do you touch??

Why do not you turn on the lights ah.

I think in the dark like something. Plume south to help her massage a few, you39ll get angry monster that you?

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I heard him say, we three and two-step into the doorthe, look down, realize that the car is really missing!ran into the house, firmly grasp the silk shirt is also famousthis temperature-ho, he asked loudly Do you have other people here? Do you not there are other accomplices? That!

Wen-ho do not speak today, but his fear of horror, eye-hwan scattered out of the eyes to see He has been completely failed to defeat their own a! After a half-day, he, with a very polite tone at me said

Who are you … exactly?

ed hardy scarves I smiled and he did not answer.

The next day,in the report is written like this

Magic head to stay the case, this came to an end. Suspect Wen Ho rounded up today39s action, encountered some resistance, but this immediately suspect Wen Ho smooth arrested at the scene and found four dead bodies coke, round cheap ed hardy scarves up the operation, there is a police officer were injured, another high-ranking police officers killed in the gun. new ed hardy scarves

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Are tense up

Public monster looks fine to see cattle, all of a closed mouth, respectful look at the Maple Road. Maple Road, clearly aware that this liwei successful, these monsters have their own means of fear.

Deep Blue Maple Roadgo before the face pretty pleased patted the shoulders of Maple Road. Never thought ah, Xiao-feng, do you give me a pleasant surprise? Even I do not see what your secret punched.

Oh, there are ghosts of the Mysterious Fog Returns, if the grandparents want to see even though the Blue, you also, if they hope to learn from straight pipe with me. Ghost brother Returns fog must than others, and on that simple. This is after the first hardware and software to demonstrate the strength of powerful Maple Road, so that they fear, so sweet to them after the date, so that is not afraid of how they do not work for the.

Oh a group of monsters, all cheered like to thank Maple Road, after all, no one would like to strong than others.

Blue Grandpa, are you … … will not be angry, right? Whispered Maple Road to the Deep Blueasked in front of him, after all, digging his hands, it just can not be justified.

How could it, Xiao-feng, you done good. Dark bluenot care. This he did not even own all the old bones to the Maple Road, how does his mind?

Well, not everyone views the right? Find it so will only raise cattle, we entered the ghost fogReturns. Dark blueshouted out, with the first to Maple Valley Road, went outside.

Deep BlueMaple Road, a pedestrian along the mighty ghost fog into the Lost City, of course, this is not from Maple Road to enter the river when the entrance, but ghosts of the Lost City at the main entrance of fog, but also the power of the largest importers.

Returns the scope of fog ghost great magic within nine days is surrounded by dense array fashion, but the outside do not see the slightest clue, if it is ordinary people, then certainly there will be common as itbarren hills.

Returns the fog of ghosts at the main entrance is built on the peaks above, Maple Road, is now familiar with the popular nine-day secret-magic array, so even if the entrance is the most powerful, Maple Road, also do not have to worry.

A group of monsters, including the Deep Blueare tense up, but now a ghost to enter the Lost City of the fog. A legend who has never appeared to live a mysterious region, now has become the base for the future, if we do not call it shocking, it really can not tell the shocking.

A monster who looked excited, can not talk to each other. They are able to enter the Lost City ghost fog, after friends with other monsters that are face up.

Are excited at the monster tight, Maple Road, has entered a ghost with their fog Lost City, have come to cheap ed hardy scarves the entrance of each security zone, that is, that the scope of 100 meters.

A monster who are shocked, it was unexpected that is the case, a piece of deep-lammarginal.

There should be a monster bird Branch was the guy flying up hastily, trying to have a look at what the distance. Maple Road to see the hurry to stop to new ed hardy scarves speak out, but have been too late. The sky lastest ed hardy scarves has been gloomy downmine will split the clouds appeared.

ed hardy scarves Monster also found abnormal, causing a commotion. Joking fog ghost town fans who have just ignored the ban?

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Suddenly will want to stay, to steal points, tranquility

Clock has the clock to 1100 and again

Told human beings, would once again call on the night

Perhaps the sudden fuss that comes to live apart from some inexplicable

or to wait for a phone call or a text message

Perhaps nothing is

Purely as temperament, would like to find a quiet

And are looking forward to find a quiet peace

Then, after lying down in roommates, out lighting

The body only ed hardy scarves a pair of shorts, cheap ed hardy scarves ready to sleep

Chair sit-in

Legs, homeopathy put in table

First, at random through the posterior wall of

Eyes, and would like to turn on the turn, I would like to close on the closing

The brain, nor any intention to think of something

However, some people seem towas terrible

Static, already affects thinking, active mind

Will start a little bit of heart

Past lastest ed hardy scarves life and then put inside the debris, bit by bit

Thus, it

The flow of people walking in crowded streets and complicated

Sleeping homeless people in the short and feelings of the public transport

Or, entangled in the life of trivial, it is difficult to get away for the term fidget

Or think of things to each side

Then they are not even conscious train

Brain shown in this funny but true

At the same time because there is no script and it is disorganized and fragmented lives of the film

It feels like in the pictures, in their appreciation of a real game

A screen, over and over the playback

Deja vu, after all, it belongs to me yesterday

But still has some strange sleep

Because today the contents into a new

Yesterday, people were already fragile natural, was a watered down fishes

Looking at, thinking about

Thought, looking at

That is, there is no impulse to laugh

The desire not to cry

Intentionally or unintentionally, is still thinking along the random walk

Through yesterday and back today, and occasionally also to an unknown future

Others come and go back to their own, and even to unfamiliar faces

However, everything seems so detailed and, well-being

Shortly after

Fidget day storm brought about by those who intended to new ed hardy scarves

Raised his hand feel, pleasing to the eye time facie

Pointer has been moving toward zero

Those images are still images

Peace has been stolen piece of

Therefore, a note of this in a daze after feelings

Free to lie down quietly

Will be a wait of sleeping

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There is a call to give up love, it is the deepest love to you

When you no longer love me, love me when you have become a burden, when love is a pain, then I choose to give up. Abandon you, because love you. Because love you, so do not want to see you unhappy because love you, so you do not want to look at struggling inner endure because love you, so just do not want to see you smile because love you, so you are willing to put … … when the love has been a thing of the past, why should it hard to trace? Not to insist on well-being, force you and I can only lastest cap widen the rift, can only new sf hats aggravate the pain smet caps you and me. If you really want to practice, I am speechless, you can only leave! Have thought you were flying, I shook the hands of Flanagan-line, no matter where you fly, and I eventually ownership of you. Now we finally understand that love you, we should let you free.
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Friday, April 24, 2009

Dear, do not shut down

I used to wake up late at night to see if cell phones, text messages to see if there? Although I know most of the time is futile, but I can not sleep.

I do not have the habit of shutting down at night, do not shut down, there are two people, one is afraid of people who can not find their loved ones, there is a kind of fear that they were looking for an opportunity to miss.

Thus, there have been an experience, night two was a nightmare suddenly woke up, looked around and saw the stars shine, in the nightmare of terrorism is particularly beautiful, a fear of attack, at night, especially vulnerable. Start a frenzy by telephone, had probably also been awakened by the phone ringing, lazy question, how do you it?

Having peace of mind all of a sudden a lot of heart, a lot of nonsense in one breath, telephonelaughed, not that you dream, do not be afraid, dreams are false.

Suddenly felt moved around seems ed hardy scarves to be bright, and greetings for a while and wake up slowly, do not feel scared, so in the description of the sleep smile.

From then on, none of phone, for fear of knowledge, and familiar or unfamiliar, as I may have been a nightmare awakened, lucky if they can not dial phone, kind of lonely, I am afraid that people would also like to than the fear of a nightmare.

Think of the past, do not shut down at night I heard who was a surprise, is not afraid of the middle of the night was awakened by phone?

A friend of mine said that if it was the middle of the night call, or is in a hurry, or isfun, harassing phone is in fact very small, usually ring to hang out, and usually read the caller ID the next morning before know, if a friendfun, it should feel fortunate that, at least, so that friends know that you would not mind, will, next time you bored at the time of the middle of the night, but also the object of harassment. If there is really urgent, all the people are turned off, then how to do?

I was particularly vulnerable to awaken those who sleep do not always Shen, the mother said new ed hardy scarves that when the baby is still the case, a little bit on the wake of the movement.

Phone on the pillow, and slowly, and had developed a habit of the middle of the night made the information as long as she has been or would like to dream about her, I would squint back on a few words, to continue to sleep. A long time, and on mobile phones are particularly sensitive to sound vibrations, but also acquired a squint-fat information skills. Or even the next day up the middle of the night do not remember the information has been made, but also thought it was a dream.

City life is so late at night when the spirit of people particularly vulnerable, there is no light, clearly becomes a very frightening thing. The middle of the night, friends called up, a low tone that I can not sleep, I do not know what.

Since I could not, then you, I was thinking about what to say what a voice in the ear will be warm a lot.

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Friday, March 27, 2009

I swear on the wife

Put my training into the players face-to-face lie. Originally, I am a Man speak very objective, even in love when they do not want to say that there is no sensible words. At my wedding, I was forced to swear never to love her forever, or else she should stop feast, but we want to know that the wedding ah! Set such a precedent, Imust start with understanding glad now that she could hear, I say every year, month and said that every day speak. As long as she was not willing to wash dishes at the time, I have made that remark, she happilyin the kitchen as long as she did not want to copy text at the time, I have made that Chloe UK remark, the spirit of her times to sit on the table for me transcription and a long foul, the manuscript.

Generally speaking, many years later to marry, women to be more soberthus no longer keen to recognize, but never my wife. She is now my hair not to always love you forever, the oath, and because men know that broad-minded , can accommodate more than one person39s love, so she vowed to change my a person you love I read this is not the same sense of my own initiative, as the total pledge at the back lines, beginning back a, also blurted out a long time back.

Not long ago, the wife of a sudden impulse, burning the hair and go home I can not help but laugh when the question where visitors come from? She maintained that more than 10 years of pure hair, especially the charming Liu, have become distant past . Colleagues around her friends agreed that the United States cauliflower -like the new hair look good, and I frankly say so, I do not enjoy, she was aggrieved and said Some say that not look good no matter, how do you can not it pretty? I watch her continue to develop such a sentiment should be in bed, it changed to say that used to look, it is a good-looking. I swear, pretty bad, a person love you forever! Her face look like a soon. A few days later, relatives and friends who said to me I thought you are very capable of the aesthetic, the staff how to help his wife to such a hairstyle? Really bad! I did not expect to put up with my wife every day of the explosion must Hair Style , but also quietly put up with me in the aesthetic, reputation on the accused, the end of the day also did not dare to his wife39s hair, the results of the reform, said the objection. Recently, his wife, the former dresser also often ask me how to, and now many of them good-looking hair! I said Yes, yes, I swear, you will always love this hair!

Listen to my many, the wife appears to have full confidence in the future, so I began to explore the effect of the past. One day, her pleasant to me said The poetry from the early works you know you have been apart from me other than the romance, if I guarantee, you could talk about my?

I firmly replied I do not bite.

She put it mildly We do not have children to identify the pro-family, right?

I smiled This person has never left my troubles.

She was shocked is really the case?

I immediately vowed The joke with you, in fact, did not recognize you at, I on the determination of a person you love.

Happy wife to laugh, her extremely pleased.

Then if I said To my laundry, or take to the streets to buy the book! I guess she will.

I predict that in another two years to my wife will call lines, and vowed the content of what is it? It is not known. Because I can now pledge to any blurted out, the praise of his wife, then it is all the words I speak to occupy the top, as exposed flaws and greatly improve the odds, such as last week she bought a without leaving traces of brand lipstick, put on her red lips were brown, it did not look good, but I compliment said ah, really beautiful!

She happily went to her face the back straight on the head on my cross-examination They say this lipstick color look good, why do you want to say good-looking?

Gloatingly me I is not flattering of you cultivate the habit of!

Since then, buy new stuff each time she came back to wear or wear after my appreciation for the time being, with a total want to ask one more question in the end are really good-looking, good-looking or false?

I said is pretty good.

I said I swear you in my mouth, she will always be good-looking!

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

So that most women can not refuse love quotations

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So that most women can not refuse love quotations
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01 Nothing special, but they would like to hear your voice. Man at the situation of women allocatedunexpected phone said softly.

02 give me a little time, I will as soon as possible, and she parted. Rest assured that I will give you a sub. Married to his mistress that certainty.

03 even if you do not love me, I will protect your life. Man said with deep feeling.

04 You are the first and last of my lover. Boys to the first love that innocent romantic.

05 You are my last one woman. Prodigal market conditions or that Playboy considerate tenderness.

06 As long as you have been at my side, other things are no longer important. Man has married woman solely his girlfriend said.

07 I would like to marry you. I love the use of sweet swindler slippery tongue tricks girl said to the ignorant.

08 No matter what is happening in the future, what you become, you still are my favorite. infatuated man said to the girlfriend a great oath.

09 and you will always exist to make me forget the time. They have the whole day together, to send a Man to a woman outside the home still face reluctantly Road alone.

10 now be able to meet many wonderful! One day Ending Date sweet, early hours, the man still holding to the distant phone cylinder filled with desire, she said.

11 It does not matter, you just delayed it for a while! She was late even though more than half an hour, he is still thoughtful to say.

12 As long as we can with you, I want to pay no matter how great a cost. Even if the road situation is being affected by external factors has been staggering along a Man to Lover recalcitrant firm said.

13 at the moment I am thinking of you, please take good care of their own for me. Men at work did not forget to leave behind his girlfriend moving paging hearing population.

14 any time or under any circumstances, as long as you need me, I immediately rushed to do my best to Prada UK do you. Girlfriend to break up, men still face wait, saying that she is still willing to continue to go through fire and water.

15 I am willing to love you, take care of you, protect you,. Wedding, the groom with some tears in front of the public in front of friends and relatives to the bride said.

16 you brought me life The biggest impact, I will bear in mind this at all times. Male and female both in peace under the breaking up, man of calm and sure.

17 If you question him properly, we must tell me, I do not miss him, I will always be at your side to protect you. She chose the others abandoned Man stillsaid.

18 As long as you like, when you lost, when frustrated, need a shoulder when the told me, I will immediately appear. She does not love him, but he did not care about, but also said no regrets.

19 I have never a woman of any promises, but also from a woman will not be any for me to do you doing, are you in my mind how different! Wise men to theSay a woman.

20 in my life encountered countless women, but never one like you taught me so deeply in shock. Love Field Men roll for many years to a new acquaintance of a woman said.

21 You have walked into my life, I was ready for you well. Man out of pocket Ring, both seriously fear also propose to the woman said.

22 anyway, as long as I love the peace you can live on the other nothing of me. Married lover, the bridegroom was not me, blessMen Say bride.

23 I promise not to let anyone hurt you, including myself, believe me! I will give you happy. A woman at work or personnel trodden on, she put one over Man into the Wye, and considerate to a whisper.

24 as you drunk! You get drunk for me. Strike two women drinking wine, red cheekHongxia also hot, seize the opportunity to gentlyMan.

25 Those innocuous thing to do with me on the significance of the infinite. Men put the proposal of a woman seen with each movie theater ticket to stay as a memento.

26 Man39s Name are for want of a woman39s first name recognize, and came to this world. Man and woman at the back of the photograph, then write the above.

27 to be married to you must be very happy people. At first Date Men Medium to long-Peach Girl, Say implicitly.

28 I39m better than you must live a minute, so that when you leave, let me hand you, just like our normal sleep. Man with a lovely woman in his bed whispering softly.

29 I was waiting for you to come back. Airport, boyfriendclosely studying abroad is about to go into detail of his girlfriend, and then at other places onclick.

30 Forever in my heart you are the best temperament, the most special and most attractive. Men Say Xiufa girlfriend. Sentence applies to any time and in any environment, any object, but their female compatriots, please trust carefully!

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Clay figurine ghost

Before after big village, there is a group of clay figurine ghost, they specialized in the middle of the night with mud mud drunk people.
Saying that the village people called the Er-Hu Song, good to drink. One night, he at a friend39s house drunk, staggered to go home. When he reached village, a group of little devil smell of alcohol, know that this person has drunk. Call a drunkard came, drunk come, Come mud hole in him. Of this group have little to Song Erhu dredging mouth. Noses. Ears.eyes. Song Erhu brain dizziness dizzy and fell to the floor, personnel do not know. This group of mud for a ghost, hole is mud flat, it disappeared. Fortunately, two tigers Song by mud down not long after dawn on the. A morning pick up the soiled old man found him Wang,heart nest have bad breath, put his mouth. Noses. The mud to pull the ears off, go home go back, give him water to wash a clean face. Then Song Er-Hu is also a wake up. Wang asked him how he painted his face lying in a mud village? Song Erhu said I only remember drinking on a friend39s house to go home, walked, I heard drunkard came, drunk come, quick mud hole in him the voice of the future, do not know what the. Wang old man said you run into a ghost clay figurine. Song Erhu question What is a clay figurine ghost? Wang said group of the night after the little devil who heard him say that there is alcohol to a drunkard, he used clay. there is one, I, relatives at home to drink a little wine to come back late, and these ghost hit me want mud, fortunately I did not run fast forward by mud. Hermes Kelly Bag
Song Erhu thought died serving this group of ghost, the future is also critical of others may want a way. One night, nearly the middle of the night, Song Erhuput them alcohol, specially cut with a stick peach peach legend stick to avoid the ghost Net to find a package under a door, step in to do three loaded Huang look drunk, went to his place of ghost mud. Just listen to a group of ghost shouted drunkard came, drunk come, Come mud hole! Ghost who dug the mud, mud INet package. Net package mouth mud normal, Song Erhu Net package put, mud wholly lost. One little devil did not watch mud hole-ping, on the further dredging to mud, just mud-Ping, Song Erhu Net packageagain. Look there is one little devil mud hole again. This has been repeated many times, these ghosts have been called mud to the chicken quickly, when all too tired to exhaustion, the East West Akira shake. Song Erhu one look, line, and they fling Net package, taking the peach ghost who did not stick according to a firstNanta. Straight play these ghostcreak, roll roll, climb the climb. Within a short while cock, and these ghost disappeared.
From then on, the ghost here, no matter the clay figurine.
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